Expo-service Sp. z o.o. was established and registered in Warsaw on 14th November 1986. Original location in Warsaw, Próchnika St., now houses the Head Office are Witosa 31, however due to significant growth of the enterprise, most of activities, including main warehouse, were shifted to the large object in Minsk Mazowiecki, Grobelnego St.
The last 30 years have seen constant growth, as the firm has adapted to market needs:
- since beginning, Expo-service has specialize in wholesale of small home appliances becoming one of the top biggest sellers in Poland
We are now one of the leading suppliers of consumer electronics and home appliances in Poland. Our brands OPITMUM is well known throughout the country. We have also sell some abroad.

Our business partners are great trade organizations like CARREFOUR, DAJAR, KAUFLAND, MAX ELEKTRO, MEDIA EXPERT, NETTO, SELGROS and smaller wholesales in Poland and surrounding countries.
Our offer is also available on Internet. See our website
For trade organizations, our Sales Office will be pleased to assist with most current information.

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